Best Benefits Of Private Health Insurance Explained

We all like to believe that we are invincible but chances are you ll need medical care at various stages in your life when those times arrive.PRIVATE HEALTH INSURANCE can help ease your pain. lets examine private hospital cover first.


with private hospital cover you can be treated sooner than the people going through the public system you can choose your own doctor you'll have a private room whenever one is available and if your doctor participate in a gap reduction program like defense health's access gap you can reduce or even eliminate your out of pocket medical expenses. ok let me explain to you in a simple way.

take emma and sam for example. emma and sam are in their 35's they both have a dodgy knee that's been causing them more and more pain over the years.after seeing their specialist they're both told they need a knee replacement.because emma doesn't have a private health insurance and because her surgery considered elective not emergency.she's placed on a waiting list at her public hospital.
doctors rank the urgency of elective surgeries in 2 categories and emma's knee replacement is in category 3 which is the least urgent.she's told the average waiting time is around 19 to 20 month's.

sam on the other hand does have private health insurance he's able to have his knee replaced just one month after seeing his specialist.he has a 1500 dollar's out of his pocket charge sor the procedure from his specialist which he has to pay and his insurance take the rest of the cost which totaled around 20,000 dollar's within a month sam's now pain free and gradually returning to play his favorite sports.


dav and mia are both 25 year's old and have injured their ankle while exercising.both see a physiotherapist for the same number of sessions and both are advised to wear ankle brace when exercising in future.
because dav doesn't have private health insurance.after 3 month's of weekly physio visits and walking out for an ankle brace.he's had to pay over 1000 dollar's.mia though has amid level extra cover so she received the benefit every time she sees physio and she gets back the full amount she paid for her ankle brace.

so while dav's out of pocket expenses are over 1000 dollar's.mia's only had to pay 300 dollar' paying 40 dollar's a month for her extras cover over the last 12 month's totaling 480 dollar's.
mia has saved 220 dollar's compared to dav plus she has access to many more benefits under her extras policy such as dental,ambulance,chiro and remedial massage.

for thos of us who aren't invincible the benefits of private health insurance really stack up. hope you like the post if you do then repin this post thanks .

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