How You Can Effortlessly Get Rid Of Bad Breath in Less than 24 Hours

March 18, 2017
Bad breath is a condition in which unpleasant odor axial from once also suffer's from a dry mouth , bad taste and the coating on the tongue.for people like is the condition could be a cause of social embarrassment.

Lets take a look at some causes of bad breath:
1.the primary cause for this condition is the bacterial activity which take's place in the mouth overnight.
2.the bacteria is present when one does not maintain a proper oral hygiene.
3.this condition is also common in people suffering dry mouth or digestive disorder.

now lets look at some home remedies for bad breath.

How To Get Rid Of Bad Breath Permanently:

Cinnamon Powder Mouthwash:

1.take a cup of hot water.
2.add 3 teaspoons of cinnamon powder.
3.mix it well.
Store this liquid and use it regularly as a mouthwash.

Alfalfa Leaves Tea:

1.take a cup of in a vessel.
2.add 2 teaspoon's of alfalfa leaves powder.
3.allow this to boil.
4.remove it from the flame.
5.let it steep for about 15 minutes.
6.sip this tea several times a day.

Cloves Mouthwash:

1.take 1 cup of water in a vessel.
2.add 5 cloves to it.
3.allow this to boil.
4.remove it from the flame.
5.let it steep for about 15 minutes.
6.use this as a mouthwash after every meal.

Chew Parsley Leaves:

chew parsley leaves as they are rich in chlorophyll and a natural deodorizer.they help keep breath fresh.

Chew 2 Cardamom Seeds:

Chew cardamom seeds to reduce bad breath.suck on a peace of clove after every meal.this keeps your gums healthy and fights bad breath.

Eat Apple Or Guava:

Fresh apple or guava helps get rid of food particles stuck in the this foods after you meal to prevent any bacterial activity.

Extra tips:
1.make sure to floss at least once a day for fresh breath. can also rinse your mouth with diluted lemon juice as it prevents bacterial growth.
3.drink water at regular intervals.this help to flush out bacteria that lead to bad breath.

it is advisable that one brushes twice a day and carefully removes any particles which are stuck in between the teeth after any meal. eat well and take care of yourself.

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