Magical Home Remedies For Hair Growth

December 22, 2015
Do you have problems like hair loss or hair damage?if yes then you can solve these problems yourself in no time with a little investments.but let me tell you one thing first before getting into home remedies for hair growth.this remedies take time to show good don't expect that this remedies gonna make your hair grow long overnight.on average,hair grows only a inch per can boost your hair growth by maintaining healthy hair through a good diet and proper hair are 7 magical home remedies for hair growth.

Home Remedies For Hair Growth:

take a onion grate it and strain out the juice or you can put it in the blender to take out the juice.apply this juice on your scalp and leave it for an hour and wash it with a mild shampoo.this will helps hair to grow much faster.use this remedy twice a week.

egg is made up of lot of proteins specially the egg whites.just take 2 to 3 egg whites depending on your hair length.mix a half of olive oil in the egg whites and mix it well.apply this on your scalp for 20 minutes and wash it off with water.use this remedy once in a week.

3.Apple cider vinegar
this vinegar is amazing for hair growth.take a equal amount of apple cider vinegar and water in a bowl.rinse your hair with this mixture.use this after washing your hair with shampoo.

4.fenugreek seeds
soak the seeds in water and leave them for all the benefits of seeds get into the can use this water to rinse your scalp every time you wash your hair with a shampoo.

5.Coconut milk
grate the white part of coconut and strain out the juice.apply this juice on your scalp and leave it for overnight.then rinse your scalp with cold water in the morning.

6.Green tea
brew some green tea leaves inn water and apply this water all over your scalp.leave it for an hour and rinse it off with cold tea is also perfect for dandruff.

your diet can also improve the health of the hair and boost hair growth.foods that are rich in vitamin B,E,A and C should be added in your diet.if you have very poor hair growth then you may require medications.  

Take care!

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