2 Most Effective Home Remedies For Wrinkles Around Eyes And Mouth

October 14, 2015
wrinkles can not be avoided but the good news is they can defiantly be delayed through proper skin care.wrinkles first appear as fine lines when the outer layer of the skin stops retaining moisture.this also effects the inner layer over time due to which its collagen and elastic compositions starts breaking.finely when the deeper layer lose elasticity and start sagging.the biggest culprit causing the wrinkles is the sun damage followed by the smoking and pollution.lets look at the some home remedies that will help you repair skin's collagen sagging.supplement vitamin e needs restore moisture and control other factors resulting into early wrinkles. 

home remedies for wrinkles:

1. Remedy For Wrinkles Using Honey, Ginger:


2.Grated ginger.


1.Take 1 table spoon of honey.
2.Add 1 tea spoon of grated ginger.
3.mix this well now.


Eat this mixture once daily.

About remedy:

the anti -oxidant properties in ginger.prevents the breakdown of elastin and keep elasticity of the skin intact.

2. Remedy For Wrinkles Using Raw Milk,Almonds:


1.Raw milk.


1.Take half a cup of raw milk.
2.Add 8 to 10 almonds.
3.let the soak overnight.
4.Remove the almonds next morning.
5.Now peel the skin off.
6.Crush these almonds to make a thick paste.


Apply this pack on your face.wash it off after 15-20 minutes with lukewarm water. 

About Remedy:

Almond oil is rich in vitamin E which keeps skin healthy.it helps prevent wrinkles and also delays the aging process of the skin.

Tip- Massage your face with 1 tea spoon of aloe vera gel before bed.the malic acid in aloe vera helps to reduce wrinkles.it improves the elasticity of the facial skin.

Extra Tips:

1.Make sure to include vitamin E rich foods in your diet like almonds ,sunflower seeds etc.
2.Drink plenty of water.
3.keep your skin hydrated.

Take Care!

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