Natural Face Foundation All Natural And Chemical Free

July 19, 2015
face foundation is a essential part of makeup routine.a good foundation helps provide a uniform skin tone and also gives the skin a good surface.though concealers are generally use to hide wrinkles ,fine lines,dark eye circles. a foundation can helps concealers to hide skin blemishes.a good foundation helps to enhance your makeup and also helps to hold it on for a long period.

let us now show you how to make a natural chemical free face foundation easily at home using ingredients that are available in your kitchen.

Natural Face Foundation Recipe 1:

1.Take 1 tablespoon of corn starch powder. 
2.Half a teaspoon of coco powder.
3.Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
4.Add 5 drops of jojoba essential oil.
5.Add 1 teaspoon almond oil.
6.Mix this well.

Tip - if you find that the foundation is pale.then you can add another half a teaspoon of coco powder to enhance the color.

this will make a great powder face foundation that you can apply using the makeup brush.

For a liquid face foundation you may a add a extra almond oil and apply it straight with fingers.
Now we are going to make a foundation using wheat grass powder.
wheat grass powder works great for people who have excessive red pigments on the skin. 

Natural Face Foundation Recipe 2:

1.Take 1 tablespoon of arrowroot powder.
2.Half a teaspoon of coco powder.
3.Half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder.
4.Half a teaspoon of ginger powder.
5.1 teaspoon of wheat grass powder.
6.Add 1 teaspoon almond oil.
7.Mix this well.

Tip - you can add a little water as per the requirement.

transfer this in a dry may use a makeup brush to apply this.

though we have used all the natural ingredients.its  best to test this foundations before you actually use them.just to make sure there are no allergic reactions.
make sure you deeply cleans and moisturized the skin before applying the foundation to your face.

Take Care !

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